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Three Important Ingredients in our Detox Program

Rebecca Newell
By Rebecca Newell

Here at Samahita, we recommend detoxing the body on a regular basis, once or twice a year, to help the body function at an optimal level. These days people’s lives are filled with stress, processed, inflammatory foods, not enough sleep or exercise and definitely not enough fun! All this put together, over a long period of time, is a recipe forbad health!

Samahita works hard to bring more awareness, education, and support to people, to create a better, healthier and happier life. Starting with a detox can help re-set the body’s systems, remove toxins and create an environment where health and vitality can thrive.

Here are 3 important ingredients in our detox program…

1. Wheatgrass – A wheatgrass shot is taken daily for breakfast, which is packed with many vital nutrients. This is a great way to hydrate and alkaline the body first thing in the morning, along with many other benefits; all in one little shot. Along with detoxifying the body from heavy metals, wheatgrass also helps to balance hormones, purify the liver and oxygenate the body. A tiny glass of elixir. You can include this in your daily intake at home.

2. Probiotics – a vital part of any diet, especially when detoxing. Probiotics are bacteria that line your digestive tract and support the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. During our detox, probiotics are supplied daily through fermented foods such as water kefir, miso soup, as well as a probiotic supplement. This is to ensure the body is supported while getting rid of the ‘bad bacteria’ and toxins. Eat fermented foods and drink daily at home to keep your gut healthy.

3. Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage  – Chi Nei Tsang literally means “working the energy of the internal organs”. If our internal organs are not functioning properly, toxins will build up internally and create illness. When detoxing, elimination of toxins is important, hence this treatment to clear blockages and tension in the abdomen which guides healing energy through the entire body, to make way for elimination. Constipation is very common! Drink plenty of water to support your daily elimination at home.

There are many other important elements included in our detox program, such as daily enemas, coaching, clean food, supplements and therapies, making it an all rounded supportive process, which will bring more lightness, vitality, and optimal health.

And if you want to continue your health journey at home you try our Empowered Health Coaching program , offering one-to-one support for 3 months after you return home.

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