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The Andaman Center

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When to become active? When to help? How much can we do?

Some of us are on the front lines, probably with medical, caregiving, or social support qualifications. Many of us are not.

But the front line is fluid, it moves from the harsh physical setting to sometimes an email, a photo online, a campaign of support.

The bottom line is people need support. Some need tangible care of food, clothing, and shelter, like the migrants who land in Europe (if allowed) after harrowing boat journeys.

Others are people around us in our own lives, struggling inside, challenged by the events of life while all or most material needs are met. A yoga class, meditation session, kind words, a smile, a hug are the currency of donation in such cases.

And yet there are others who have fled conflict, gain asylum as refugees, are looked after upon arrival by those on the front lines, given food, clothing and shelter, but need more to begin a life worth living.

You can help. Help children cultivate a life worth growing up into. Through education.

Samahita supports, through donation and volunteering, The Andaman Center for Migrant Children. These are kids who had to leave the country they were born in, Myanmar (Burma) because some people with aggressive power (aka a military government) decide to lock up leaders and impose their own rule.

Well, we can’t get caught up in the politics of it. But we can help when the fluid front line comes to us, in video, in this email. Look at the video in this blog.

Scan the QR code below or Make a donation via Paypal

You donation makes a difference, a real tangible difference, through education, in these children’s lives.

Please join us and Donate.

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