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The 5 Pillars of Holistic Wellness

By Rebecca Newell

I believe to have optimal health, joy, and happiness; holistic wellbeing, we need to consider these 5 pillars. Career, relationships, physical activity, spirituality and food.
We can eat all the healthy, nourishing food but if we are in a job that we don’t like, no amount of organic kale will bring wholeness to our wellbeing. If we are in a job we love, and then go home to a toxic relationship, our wellbeing is compromised and affects all areas of our life.
I invite you to take a look at these 5 pillars and see what may need some attention, change or perhaps reinventing.


Are you in a job that brings you joy? Do you dread going to work every day? Does the environment where you work serve you? Do you do the job simply as a means for money?
Given that most of us spend a large portion of our lives at work, doesn’t it make sense to find something that we enjoy and work in a supportive environment? Think about it, if you’re saying “I hate my work and dread working with the people in the office every day” This has a HUGE impact at the core of your being and filters into the rest of your life.
I’m not suggesting you quit your job if you hate it, but look at why you do and what you could do to change the why. Perhaps it’s your attitude or maybe it’s time for a change in company or career.


Do you have fulfilling relationships in your life? Do you have a regular social life that nourishes you, (not regular social media life) real, authentic connection with fellow human beings? Or are your relationships draining you and bringing you down? Do you have at least one person you can call on if you need support or just simply to have a chat? Genuine, human relationships feed and nourish the soul.
Everyone’s needs are different, but we all need connection with others. Maybe you thrive with one on one catch ups, and only need a couple of special relationships to balance this area in your life. Or perhaps you need many groups of people to connect with. Check in and see what serves your soul, rather than your ego.

Physical activity

Do you get sweaty and increase your heart rate at least 3 times a week? Or do you hate exercising? You might say ”I don’t have time”. It’s important to prioritize exercise and find something that you enjoy and know it’s something you need to take care of your holistic wellbeing. Maybe you prefer team sports or group exercise, a self-yoga practice or yoga practice in a studio with others, hiking, swimming…. Exercise keeps the heart healthy and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells, having a positive effect on the mind, body and soul.
When starting a new exercise routine, go easy on yourself and build up gradually. If you go too hard too soon, you’re more likely to injure yourself, give up, and tell yourself “I hate exercise or it’s not for me”. Remember WHY you’re doing it, then motivation is easier.


What is spirituality to you? For many it’s getting out in nature, practicing yoga, meditating, connecting inwardly through art or to a higher power. Finding a spiritual practice that means something to you and doing regularly will expand awareness and bring more peace. Maybe 5 minutes a day, time alone, focusing on your breath can be a start to a spiritual practice.


What do you feed your body? Are you confused about what to eat? The basic foundation of feeding the body is a variety of natural, whole foods, organic where possible. Less processed food and sugar. Consuming protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, are essential for optimal health. Experiment with foods to work out what it best for YOUR body. Some thrive on more raw food, some thrive on more cooked food. Keep a food journey, note how you feel after you eat and what you have eaten.

Considering these 5 pillars and how they play out in your life will help you to see what areas can help bring more balance. Often this can be hard to do when in the hurricane of life. That’s why so many people come to Samahita, to take time out, prioritize themselves, where there are practices, support and the space to look within, get to know one-self and see, feel what will bring balance, happiness, and holistic wellness.

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