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Emilia Juuli

So Ang Park

Bérengère Mercier

What an inner jouney in Samahita ! I took this 200 hour yoga teacher training mainly to go deeper into my yoga practice. I already thought yoga was a life changer, but the inner change I felt in Thailand was really beyond my expectations.

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Kate Sheppard

After many months of research into which 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course I should embark upon, I decided the Centred Yoga Foundation Training at Samahita Retreat was for me.

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Sara Corrigan

I first heard of the Samahita Retreat through a recommendation from a teacher. Upon further research, I became intrigued by the name, Centered Yoga. Over years of practice, I encountered many flavors of teaching and yogic philosophy. I knew for my 200-hour teacher training I wanted a grounded but challenging course, both physically and mentally.

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Luisa Attolini

There are certain moments when life seems to happen, things around us  naturally evolve towards a direction that we do not yet, and then comes a  moment when everything seems clear and in the mind a limpid idea appears, such as an illumination or revelation, which we feel we must  follow, dragged by a kind of major force.

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Amanda Spain

I have recently completed the Centered Yoga, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat in Thailand and embarking on this journey was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

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Barbara Burkhard

My decision to take part in the Yoga Teacher Training at Centered Yoga Samahita in Thailand was a easy one. I had visited Samahita many times before, and I never forget my first holiday there, the peaceful place right at the ocean, the perfect setting for a escape out of our busy and sometimes stressful lives.

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Jane Rees

I chose Samahita Retreat Centered Yoga to do my 200 yoga teacher training after doing a lot of research and also a recommendation from a teacher.

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Julie Curtis

I came into yoga from a fitness background and for many years used it as my stretching practice. I ran, cycled and did crossfit, yoga was my counter balance. I knew it made me feel good but didn’t need to know any more than that.

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Hope this message finds you well. I had a very nice experience during my stay in Samahita. I hope the review below could help people step out and come to Samahita.

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Ludmilla Dervey

Before coming to Thailand for the Centered Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training in Samahita Retreat, my relationship to yoga was very inconsistent and superficial. I knew yoga was good for me, but I was not disciplined enough to have a regular practice in my hectic life and I was mainly focusing on getting some asanas done.

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Irene Visser

I participated in the Centered Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in August 2018 at the beautiful Samahita Retreat in Thailand. Samahita perfectly balanced all I was looking for in a YTT. Paul and the team teach a yoga that is scientific, structured but taught from the heart.

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Lydia Sylvester

Picking up yoga in 2014 from the comforts of my warm toasty room in Greenland meant that my understanding of the practice was mostly from what I saw on YouTube, which was mostly asana practice. I began practicing ashtanga regularly after being inspired by Kino MacGregor. However, the more I practiced the more questions I seemed to have.

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Michelle Li

Despite of my professional establishment in the fitness field, i.e., 2 years as Fitness Physique Champion armed with over 12 international recognized certifications & awarded as best coaching, I was holding back to start yoga for many years simply because I feel is crucial to improve multiple areas same time of your life, from motivation to habits, and tapping into the power of lifelong learning.

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Silvia Auer

I decided to apply for the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Samahita Retreat in Thailand looking for a way to deepen my own practice and understanding of yoga and my expectations were certainly more than met. I loved how anatomy and philosophy were taught in a way that one could connect to it and see how to apply it in practice.

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I came to Samahita to undo myself: my mind, body and soul. Upon arrival my expectations were blown away due to the kindness, compassion, and mindfulness exhibited by all of the guests and staff.

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The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training absolutely deserves to be described as an education in yoga. Even though I expected that Paul and his Teaching Team are exceptional Yoga Teachers my expectations were exceeded during the month at Samahita Retreat.

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Lise Carrière

I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years now – pretty regularly, and various forms (hot, power, yin, hatha, etc.). The past 5 years saw a bit of a downgrade in my practice as I tried to balance working mega international events abroad with a regular practice.

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