Graduate Testimonials

Graduates Testimonials

The quality of the course was very high, above my expectations. My time here was really wonderful; I couldn’t ask for more. All of the teachers were highly experienced, kind, supportive, loving, caring! I’m so grateful to have met all of them.
Anna-Maria (Sweden)
May 2017
I came with very high expectations about the course, but the course was really even better than I expected. I am so grateful for the training — and everything I learned. I very strongly recommend this course.
Rebecca (Denmark)
May 2017
The quality of the course was amazing. So much information and detail, but laid out in a manageable and understandable way. I really enjoyed it and cannot thank the teachers enough.
Alan (Ireland)
May 2017
Incredible investment in myself and in furthering my knowledge of Yoga.
Caroline (USA)
May 2017

I am simply just writing a letter of gratitude to Paul Dallaghan, Elonne Stockton, & the rest of CenteredYoga At Samahita Retreat family. The teachings you have shared continue to guide my each and every day in my own practice both on & off the mat, as well as have had a direct influence on the teacher I am today. These life lessons that Paul shared during my TT came to be of inner strength for me on a day when I was to teach & awoke to tragic events unfolding in my hometown. A few weeks ago my town of Orlando was put on display for the horrific choice of a man struggling in his own ways. As I awoke Sunday morning to drive to the studio to teach, my ears could not compute the words that were coming through the airway. As my heart ached, my body felt heavy, the shock of it all would not all the tears to yet fall. I was at a loss for how to go about teaching my classes as I knew some of my students would be aware of what had just transpired only a few hours prior, while others would still be in a Sunday morning daze unaware. I remembered what Paul said to me during my TT as I lay on my mat with what seemed like absolutely no strength left in me for asana “this is time when you must simply breathe through it, don’t think, just simply breathe”. So that is what I did, I allowed the breathe to create the space of stillness, allowing me to be fully present for each and everyone of my students. In the end as we recited closing mantra the tears began to fall & for my students aware of the pain our hometown was going through we cried together, united in love for our community & our practice. So again I give thanks to everyone at CenteredYoga At Samahita Retreat you all are with me each & every day.
Stephanie (Florida)
May 2016
The quality of the course is high, and the food is amazing.
Yoshi (Australia)
August 2016
Intensive program, but a great experience. The place is wonderful!
Lena (Switzerland)
November 2016
Very good! Extremely friendly and helpful teachers and staff. Could not have imagined better, more open, honest and warm-hearted teachers Thank you so very much!
Miriam (Germany)
November 2016
The course was fantastic and my time here was fascinating, enriching, and challenging in the best possible way!
Claire (France/Austria)
May 2016
Excellent – sincere congratulations on creating such a wonderful place. Samahita, by the ocean, is an ideal place.
Lydie (Australia)
May 2016
The quality of the teaching was outstanding. I have loved my time here.
Olivia (UK)
May 2016
No question, I am leaving a much more disciplined individual, a more enlightened leader, and a properly trained instructor with a sense of confidence in what I know and what I need to keep working on. Without a doubt, I will recommend this course for those seeking an immersive, balanced, ‘centered’ approach.
Mark (USA)
August 2016
My overall impression is very good and I am grateful to have been able to learn from such wonderful teachers.
Barbara (Austria)
November 2016
Great quality in terms of teachers and environment. The course content was diverse and relevant. The overall experience was challenging, yet enjoyable.
Alya (Belgium)
November 2016
I wanted to thank you again for this amazing experience. It has turned out to be so much more than just a yoga teacher training course for me- it marked the start of an important spiritual inward journey and I have experienced more blissful simplicity, stillness of mind, contentment and gratitude than I have in a while. I feel so centered these days and I know it is because of the amazing teachers including yourself, the kind staff, and amazing accommodations (and food!) that you offer to us here. Thank you for creating this amazing yoga sanctuary for us all!
Leona Liu, (France)
August 2015
Rigorous, well-structured, and well-organized. It was intense but in a good way — you learn so much in such a short amount of time. Amazing adjusting by Arielle and Elonne. Their anatomy and philosophy classes were also well taught and very educational.
TT Student
November 2014
Excellent, the program was very thorough and well-organized. I feel I was able to make the very best of my time here. I feel privileged and honored to have studied under Paul’s guidance. I truly appreciate his commitment, time and dedication in sharing his knowledge and the tradition of his teachers. Paul’s teachings are clear, always interesting and full of humor. Elonne was very sincere, dedicated and compassionate. I have learned so much from her presence and attitude towards yoga and her teachings. I appreciated Arielle’s in-depth knowledge of anatomy, her energy and excellent adjustments in class.
Karen (Switzerland)
August 2014
I just loved my time here. The teacher training was so rich and inspiring. Also intense, but so rewarding.
Paola (France)
November 2014
The course itself is superb! Well-structured, good materials, and comprehensive.
Nurul (Indonesia)
August 2014

1. Extremely organized and well run.

2. The teaching staff MADE this experience a positive one!

3. This place feels like a 2nd home, a place you want to keep coming back to again and again.” “

Paul: Obviously this teacher is the reason I am here. He has a no bullshit approach and his ideas and opinions are backed by years of study and a strong personal practice. He is an engaging speaker and he brings a certain amount of respect and sincerity to the topic he is teaching on.

Elonne: She gave so much of herself to all the students. She would spend as long as needed to answer questions in pranayama time or after classes. It is obvious she is extremely well studied in the content and also has a strong practice, helping me to trust in her teachings and opinions/advice.” “

Arielle and Elonne’s adjustments and advice in the Mysore space were invaluable. The amount of time and energy they gave to adjustments and teaching during Mysore was incredible!” “The amount I have benefitted cannot be measured or explained here. I am grateful for the shift that occurred here for me. I am grateful for the clear direction the teachers have shown me. I will be recommending Samahita to anyone who will listen. This place is a powerful and unique place. If you are ready and willing, the community here will be a guide for you to find yourself and your path.”

Erica (Canada)
August 2014
The course was amazing, with genuine, sincere staff and high quality content and teaching.
Kate (Ireland)
June 2014
The best thing I’ve ever done. The course was informative and I feel prepared to teach. The experience here was beyond words and I can’t wait for my next course here. The teachers make this course just amazing.
Tabbi (UK)
November 2014
It’s been more than 2 weeks since we came back from Koh Samui and I can’t help thinking of the time we shared together, especially when we were in Samahita Retreat. It’s been a wonderful journey as I met the best teachers whom I feel connected with. My first Ashtanga intro class was led by Gladys in 2009 and I’m happy that she’s part of my T/T training. And you Paul, I’ve been waiting for you since the beginning of last year and I think you’re worth the wait! You’re really a warm, open-minded and wise teacher who seems to be able to read every student’s mind. I feel so blessed to have you and Gladys to enlighten my path of yoga.
Maggie (Taiwan)
August 2014
Wonderful and intense course. Paul is the most professional teacher I have ever experienced. Funny, thinks on his feet — is able to give great and spontaneous advice on questions. Elonne is calming, very competent, very compassionate, great organizational skills, very reliable. Arielle is straight-forward, very warm and loving charisma, has the ability to make anatomy exciting.
Josephine (Austria)
August 2014
The course content was balanced and holistic. Overall the course was very well-planned, peaceful and conducive to studying and learning. Amazeballs!
Teefany (Philippines)
June 2014
Excellent course. I feel grateful to have been a participant! I was so impressed with each and every teacher. I thank each of you for your hard work, for your dedication to the practice, and for being so generous with your time. What a wealth of knowledge you all have. Thank you!
Susan (USA)
June 2014
My expectations were exceeded on all levels: standard and quality of teachers, content of the course and practical implementation of the knowledge gained.
Hanlie (Singapore)
June 2014
Thanks again to you and the other teachers & staff for all the teachings and support during this month. The program was amazing and it was very helpful to see the support from every teacher. I really experience a growth during this month in so many levels…I can see it in myself and in the rest of the students. It really was an unforgettable experience and I feel deeply touched and grateful.
Manuel (Spain)
June 2014
I wanted to write you many times after the TT course in June finished, as I didn’t realize before how much impact it had, in the end…! My whole world was shaken! I already wrote 2 pages about my emotional state after entering the “real” world again but then decided not to send it to you too early (imagine, if everyone did write you about their personal crisises…!) . Finally, it s all said with a big THANK YOU. In retrospective, this month was one of the most remarkable times in my life so far setting new standards, goals and behaviors for myself. It really transformed me, not so much on the visible level, but deep down inside (and a bit, on the visible level too ;)). You are so very gifted as a teacher, and i met a couple more in the last months, but I keep missing you & the samahita team a lot!
Anna (Austria)
June 2013

Dear Paul!

It is only now, after more than one month, that I really start to be able to put some words on all the feelings coming out from my amazing experience at the TT in Samahita.
I miss every little moment I spent there! I miss the teachings, the cryings, the crises, the tiredness, the happiness, the hot, the rain, the entire energy!
Well, but most of all, I miss You! I miss your teachings and your support in any situation!
I learned and am still learning enormously from you and my experience in your TT!
I am infinitely grateful for having had this amazing opportunity of having you as a teacher!

When I came to the TT I did not know if I was going to teach. Now I feel that I really would like to do it. I like the contact with other people and I love to help and to give assistance to the others Anyway, I will definitely come back to Samahita for more education!

Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Best regards

Margarida (Sweden)
june 2013

Dear Paul and Elonne

Now that we have arrived back in Dakar, and are settling back into our lives here, we just wanted to write to you to express our gratitude for the past month; thank you for your dedication, patience and good humour. An incredible training with amazing teachers, amazing people, in an amazing setting. Our thanks extend to Paul Chambers, Amy and Sara too, together you all made such a wonderful teaching team.

We have learnt so much which we are now trying to put into practice. At the moment we are not sure where this path of learning will lead us next, but with support from our practice we trust that we will make the right decisions at the right time. We also know that we will be back to Samahita to continue our education – we are just not sure when yet! In the mean time, we hope you don’t mind if we get in touch should any questions on our practice arise.

All the best for your own continuing practice, study and teaching.


Ewan and Catherine
June 2013
Probably the best investment of time and money! The course, the teachers, the accommodation and the schedule all exceeded my expectations.

Kate (UK)
August 2013
I was looking for something like this . . . I cannot even imagine that there is something better than this course. Blessings to all of you from my heart.
Margaret (Venezuela)
August 2013
I am so inspired by the humility of all my teachers and their devotion to share their knowledge. Very inspiring!!
Helena (Vietnam)
August 2013
I wanted to thank you again for the amazing experience at the TT. It was a challenging time in my life, and the training turned out to be challenging in ways I didn’t really expect. Looking back on it a month later, I see that while it was a very stressful time for me to do an intensive training, it was also deeply necessary. Yes, it was intense, but I truly felt that afterwards I came out of it much more balanced, centered, and also more ok with uncertainty (the latter is particularly difficult for me). It’s hard to put into words the difference that the month in Samahita made in my life. You, of course, were a big part of that. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the experience. It was truly and honor to learn from you and, of course, all the other incredible teachers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Alina (USA)
June 2013

Dear Paul , my teacher and dear friend,

First of all I would like to show my endless gratitude and thanks to you in particular for giving me the opportunity to spend the past month with you , also to the teachers Ellon, Adarsh, Sarah, Paul and Amy for their help, input and teaching during the course.

It is incredible how much I have learnt in that short space of time which it has been having positive effects on me as a person and my life as a whole, all credit to your awesome teaching and positive energy.

Since I have been back I am glad to say that I have been keeping my practice up even though it has been hard at times to fit it into my routines.

Much much love to you.


Nabard (UK & Kurdistan)
June 2013
Dear Paul

Sorry I didn’t get to thank you properly in person before you ran off to your next bit off business. Being at samahita with you has really rejuvenated my faith in people, the world and all things. Thank you for your understanding with my memory and allowing me to graduate. You really have made an amazing place with Samahita, You have my greatest respect as a man and a teacher. I hope you will let me study with you again in the future if I can.

Niall (Scotland)
June 2013
(Trained while diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and now out there starting to teach and help others with MS and more)

Excellent! The level of excellence from all four teachers was outstanding. I was touched by the compassion and patience of each teacher. Their own personal delivery of the different lectures. Their understanding of each student’s issues, be it big or small. Their professionalism throughout the entire month was outstanding. I felt that I have experienced Yoga. An Authentic TT.

Nic, (UK)
August 2013
The teaching standards were exemplary; expert levels of knowledge. Their dedication came shining through as did their compassion and kindness. I hope to carry this energy through in my yogic path. I would return in a heartbeat to learn from them again.
Miki (Scotland)
August 2013
All of the teachers were tremendous, natural teachers with a great gift and knowledge, and I feel extraordinarily lucky to have studied with them.
Annie (Nepal)
August 2013
Dear Paul!

I just wanted to say Hello and thank you very much for your e-mail you sent a week after we graduated from the TT with Stephen Thomas. I would also like to thank you for giving the opportunity to come visit and attend a TT at samahita – with your family. I came with my little daughter Lova, she is 2.5 year and my husband Niclas. It was an amazing experience and I really miss Samahita. Difficult to explain but it felt like I belonged there. We spent a week after the TT visiting other places on Samui but there were no other place like your place Paul. It is an amazing place you have created and I really hope I will be able to come again. Me and my husband really fell in love with koh samui and I hope we can visit soon again. I would love to attend the courses with Elonne, you and Sri O.P Tiwariji, but our economy might not feel the same way… =) We?ll see.

I hope you had a wonderful ending to 2012 and start to 2013 and I hope our paths will cross soon!

Take care!

Therese. (Sweden)
December 2012
I was looking for something like this . . . I cannot even imagine that there is something better than this course. Blessings to all of you from my heart.
Margaret (Venezuela)
August 2013
Dear Paul,

Thanks for your teaching and everything. In Centered Yoga, I feel “sthira sukham” physically and mentally. The food is the best ever in the world. The place is so neat and tranquil…The Ricardo massage is impressive. Of course your improvisatory hip-hop dance is the most unforgettable. Hahaha!

I will definitely share this sanctuary with my yogi friends. And I hope I can pay a visit again!

Last but not the least, I am very grateful and honored that you graded my teaching practice. Once again, thanks for your good advice and encouragement, which are very important to my lack of confidence. I will bear them in mind as to practice yoga and to teach if possible.

July 2012
Dear Paul,

After being home for a week now, everything from my time at Samahita is starting to sink in. Still, I think it will take about a year to process all the things that I learned and experienced during that one month. I wanted to thank you for all the time, effort and patience that you put into each of us. You taught many valuable lessons. I especially appreciate the sincere approach that you have and the way in which you encouraged us to connect with our own practice instead of anything else – I really felt that I do. Hopefully i will be back soon to learn more.

Sasha (Netherlands)
June 2012
I found all of the teachers very loving, kind and supportive throughout the entire process and they have made this experience worthwhile and rewarding. I had some extremely difficult days while I was there but the encouragement and support of the teachers helped me through. It is nice to know you have someone to talk to when you need it (especially Elonne and Sara).
Victoria W. (United Kingdom)
June 2012
I wanted to touch base with you and say thank you for a wonderful month in Thailand! I learned SO MUCH from you and cannot wait to continue my journey learning and practicing. I have been up every day at 5am to practice for 3 hours before I start work. I feel amazing and feel like I have changed and grown a lot. I would really love to come back to Samahita for continuing education and hopefully the 500 hour course eventually. Thank you for making a huge impact in my life and passing along the knowledge that you have. I look forward to working with you again and learning more from you as I continue to grow withmy practice.
Kristen (USA)
March 2012
Greetings from Helsinki!
I’ve been doing my daily breath work since I left. And every day I’m discovering more about it’s effects in my body and also in my daily life. That’s why I would like to develop more about it’s effects etc. You know, after spending 4 weeks in Yoga Thailand nothing is the same when you return back home, which is only a good thing. It’s a wonderful place and gives perfect basis to let go of everything and after that to discover yourself, life, everything, more.. So thank you for that!
Keep Well!
Martta (Finland)
March 2012
I took part in the TT with Stephen Thomas so my feedback to point 5 are meant for him and his team. The TT was outstanding and I am happy for taken this opportunity.
December 2012
The TT with Stephen Thomas was very high quality, practice and theory sessions both. If anything should improve, the ambitions of what to cover might be adjusted / reality checked, so that not more is promised than can be delivered. But overall, the amount we did get thru is still quite impressive.
December 2012
I took part in the TT with Stephen Thomas so my feedback to point 5 are meant for him and his team. The TT was outstanding and I am happy for taken this opportunity.
December 2012
Dear Paul, Elonne, Sara, Adarsh & all other teachers,

Thank you deep from my heart for this life changing time at Samahita. I’m more than grateful for all of your encouragement, sincerity, patience and effort you put in passing your valuable knowledge to us. This one month I could luckily spend and study with you is still having such a big impact on my personal growth and yogic path. I love keeping up the chanting & breathwork and even my Asana practice itself has become much more stable & stronger. I can see the ‘fruits’ of these 4 weeks now grow daily and I will be grateful forever… Thanks for creating providing this little Samahita ‘world’ a place for holistic wellbeing! I hope to be back soon to continue the study with you and ‘grow’ further.

Claudia B
June 2012
The teachers were awesome, and I enjoyed the sessions very much.
John A. (Australia)
June 2012
The course was wonderful! It was very comprehensive – I really appreciated the holistic approach towards yoga.
Laleh H. (Pakistan)
June 2012
Everything exceeded my expectations! The quality and scheduling, so well done! Paul is a very good teacher and all of the teachers teach from their heart; you can see that. Adarsh is great! Inspiring teacher, I hope I learn more from him. Elonne is so professional and humble. I really enjoy her teaching. She also concentrates so much if someone asks a question. Thank you Elonne!! Sara is amazing, very strong and at the same time soft adjustments. I really learned a lot. And thank you Rachel, strong and powerful person!
Teresa A. (Finland)
June 2012
Overall the course was fantastic, very involved, engaging, FULL of information.
Rachel W. (South Africa)
June 2012
Hello dear Paul,
I’m long into my travells in India and I feel your presence almost every day. i mange to keep my breathing excercises pretty well, and some days they are actually deeper than they ever were in that month of training. I want to thank you for that great month, some things are sinking in slowly. I keep wishing that I could have stayed for months more.. but
hopefully I will be able check in soon enough. So thank you Paul, for all that sincerity
much appreciation
Einat (Israel)
March 2012
so this is coming to an end. I learned a lot from you. In your eyes is an ocean of wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for sharing it and being one of the long lineage of teachers…….
Iris (Austria)
November 2011
I want to say a personal thank you for the amazing energy, dedication and pure love of yoga which you brought into all of our lives – you certainly have had a massive impact on my life in the short time we shared together, which is quite something if you consider how short a time we had together in the grand scheme of things! I have come home and continued my dedicated practice and focus, and LOVE IT! I teach on Sundays and am hoping to go part time in my current marketing job in 2012, to make way for more teaching! Slowly slowly and without debt as per your advise. I’ll let you know how I get on once I launch my business/website! Thanks again for a wonderful shared time together, it will remain close to my heart and my yoga practise forever more.
Adele (UK)
November 2011
Many sincere thanks for all the wonderful teaching, discussion, giggles, hip/psoas,heart opening, delicious food and everything else day after day. you guys do a superb job here and i am LOVING every minute. x
Susan (Kenya)
June 2011
Thank you so much for all that you do, seen and unseen for the Yoga Teacher Trainings. I had a really amazing experience. Transformative and life changing. In fact, so much is still shifting and integrating, I just know it was a really powerful experience!!
Traci (USA)
June 2011
The new year is always a time to reflect on the previous one and I wanted to be sure that you know what a positive experience my month with you was for me. I feel very privileged to have been able to take a month off from my obligations and to devote so much uninterrupted time and energy into myself and my asana practice and pranayama. You have given me great tools to work with and in my own space with just myself and my breath and no other distractions I am already experiencing a great improvement in my asana practice. My pranayama is a gift from you which I am so grateful for. I am sure I will be in touch with you again sometime in the future regarding this but for now I am faithfully following your instructions. I thank God for leading me to you and I feel blessed at having been the pupil of such a great teacher. It was a real pleasure to have met you and I thank you for sharing some of your knowledge with me, I will use it wisely.
Melissa (Greece)
June 2011
Paul, I recently found myself in the middle of both a health and work crisis. As I found myself running from doctors appointments and meetings trying to salvage what I could on both fronts, an incredible shift happened: quite suddenly I found an internal gratitude for everything in life, even my current predicaments and a sense that whatever I was going through was leading to something greater; something transformative. I don’t know how it happened but I am absolutely certain that it is the result of the practice you shared with us to begin each day with sincere gratitude. And what had been an external practice has now shifted to an internal experience which has literally changed my perspective on how I experience and perceive life. I am eternally grateful to this amazing practice which continues to open and change every day.
Thank you!
Michelle (US)
March 2011
I wanted to thank you for a very special time and education process I got during the TT course this last month. I also emailed Elonne thanking her as well, she was outstanding. The material, the professional level and personal touch and the overall environment passed my expectations.
This course, with no doubt, leveraged my practice and understanding of yoga and now it can be developed further. Hopefully I will be able to pass it to others.
Victoria (Israel)
March 2011
I’m grateful to you for your teaching and sharing your experiences in this training course. I could learn a lot from you about not only the contents of the text but also how to teach Pranayama to beginners and how to answer for student’s questions. All of them were great. Again, thank you very much.
Motoko (Japan)
March 2011
I am sure you have been flooded with emails but I too would just like to express my sincere thanks for the most amazing YTT course. I apologize that I could not express my words to your personally after the course, I was a little overwhelmed with emotion J It was an unforgettable time, I enjoyed all aspects of the training and only hope that I will see you again before long on one of the continuing education courses. On a personal not I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your encouragement and guidance in my own asana practice and I feel I have come a long way (still a long way to go mind) but it is so great when you work with someone who believes in your ability more than you believe in yourself. I do miss practicing under the guidance of a teacher, but alas my mission is to show strength of will and a belief in my own practice and continue in my sadhana.
Rae (Philippines)
November 2011
I wanted to thank you again for the most amazing TT. Centered Yoga is a special place. I have to admit …. I was and still am attached to the experience/environment of Samahita and am having a hard time letting go. Good news, I’m back to daily practice and working on dropbacks (last week was the first time I was able to do them on my own since I returned). Am re-connecting with my pranayama and meditation practices as well. I’ve been taking it day by day and repeating this mantra “Do what needs to be done”.
Thank for that.
Candice (New York, USA)
November 2011
Thank you so much for this unforgettable month, every word and moment are still resonating in me Yoga Thailand is a very special place, you and you wife made it very special, and I feel blessed to have met very special people in the group too. Your message is so clear and you also translated it to normal life which makes so much sense.
Emilie (France/Hong Kong)
June 2011
I must say that there is no one day that goes by without thinking about our TT last year in March. I have been practicing pranayama on daily basis since then and asanas 4-5 times a week and started teaching full time. I constantly think of opportunity to come and keep studying with you. Thank you Paul again for a wonderful learning experience, and foundation you provided during my stay in Samahita Thailand, it is unforgettable. I truly hope to meet you soon to continue my education.
Vicky (Israel)
March 2011
I wanted to thank you for taking us through a fantastic month full of learning and laughter. Now I have many tools to keep it up and grow it. From my perspective, in which I was mainly interested to learn in depth about the practice for my personal growth and maybe teach in the future, the training was substantial, technical, and enjoyable. I appreciated the level of discipline instilled by the schedule and the content, I really was impressed by the teachers which gave us a good combination of knowledge grounded on the roots of the practice and the ability to relate it with our lives back home. Also, the support structure provided by all of you and the support staff (wellness center, restaurant, etc) was very helpful and nurturing as I (and very likely “we”) felt that you paid attention to each of our personal experiences and details. The combination of rigor, high-standards with flexibility to accommodate the different levels of the practice and the philosophy behind it, resonated deeply inside me and is now ingrained in my mind.
Julianna (Washington DC, USA)
March 2011
When student is ready, teacher will come. I absolutely believe in that.
I liked, that you made me to think about my attitude, poses, little details and practice in general. I felt that I made some progress with my asana, but I value more my progress in mental level.
This course helped me to find more focus. I have to focus even more on my studies. I love to study and now I have clearer view, what I should study more, so that I can maybe someday become teacher. I appreciated your small tips. I try to keep my armpits a little bit more open, I am trying to learn to change my breathing in jump through, my chin is up nowadays, when I am doing salamba sarvangasana… small details, but big difference.
Outi (Finland)
March 2011
Thanks very much for the March Foundation Teacher Training – it was a very meaningful month for me!
Angelina (Singapore)
March 2011
From the updates and newsletters I see you and all the staff at Samahita Yoga are doing very well. I love hearing about the Center, I don’t think my mind has wandered far from the teacher training month since I left. I am planning and dreaming of when I will return next. Especially since arriving home from my travels, and reminiscing on our time around the world, Yoga Thailand is one of my fondest memories I have! I have so much to thank you all for, I am so grateful for my time spent there and the friends I made and got to visit all around the world! I am still making friends related to Yoga Thailand……… Well, I just wanted to touch base with you, as my days practicing and preparing to teach are reminding me how grateful I am to my teachers and to my wonderful time spent in Thailand. Paul, thank you so much, your lessons are invaluable and I carry them with me through so many areas of life ! Just do it! Love and light
Danielle (Ireland)
November 2010
Thank you Paul, I am in complete gratitude to you, for giving me the tools to take my practice further, and giving me the wonderful opportunity to teach. I’m giving thanks, asking for forgiveness and guidance everyday. Which has helped me stay connected, and given me guidance when I needed it most.
Zoe (Switzerland)
November 2010
I’ve read once , “There aren’t any irreplaceable people, but there are unforgettable ones.” And I’ve met a confirmation of this during the TT. Thank you!
I gathered so much small and big peaces of new perspective; bits of revelations. And I hope to come again, or meet again to gather some more.
Sincere regards!
Sonia (Austria)
November 2010
Thanks so much for this one month. I feel grateful and cannot express my feeling. I hope we will keep in touch. I’m ready for my adventure
Aoy (Thailand)
November 2010
Dear Paul
I think you’ve just started the next teacher training course, I’d so love to be doing it again and can honestly say I enjoyed every single minute of it and just lapped it all up. The standard of teaching is so high and you really have a wonderful, well run place, the perfect environment for learning and being immersed in yoga. Can’t wait to go back. So a belated many many thanks for a fantastic experience and I hope you’ve got another wonderful group to teach like ours!
Anthea (Ireland)
November 2010
The course at YT was definitely a life changing experience for me and soon after that I did what I felt was right, I moved to the next stage of my life.
Patricia (Portugal)
June 2010
I did the Teacher Training with you in November 2010. It is a long time I want to write you but I guess I did not dare to do it before. First of all I want to thank you for the TT I did with you. I still get the fruit of it and I realize that the TT was like a beginning for my yoga practice, the beginning of a deeper practice. I feel like I took a train during the TT that brought me to several places without I’ve looked for it. After you gave me the big gift of being introduce to pranayama, I had the chance to participate to the pranayama training with Tiwariji.
Gaelle (Switzerland/France)
November 2010
The pranayama is awesome! I have only missed one day since I’ve been back in the UK – I can’t believe the effect that it has on me. My sleep patterns have improved immensely and for the first time in a couple of years, I have no injuries, even though I’m practising asana every day too, which I put down to getting a better quality of sleep! So thanks.
Andrew (UK)
November 2010
I didn’t get a chance to say thank you for our amazing month at Yoga Thailand. I learned so much, both about yoga and myself. The pranayama is relatively new to me, but so helpful and strengthening – I already feel and difference and will continue my practice on and off the ship.
Becky (USA)
November 2010
Thank you again for your great teacher-training in June 2010! You planted the seed of Vipassana with me and I just completed my first 10-day course! Wow, that was difficult, but rewarding (I’m seeing a pattern here ;o)).
Erik (USA)
June 2010
I did the one-month yoga teacher training in November and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Paul and his staff are amazing and very accommodating. To be able to practice yoga every day in such a beautiful setting was incredible. The food was healthy and fresh and the pool and steamroom were added bonuses.
Guest (USA)
November 2010
I feel the need to let you know this. I want to Thank you for all your teachings. The basements of Yoga I recieved from you have allow to be the teacher I am now. Thanks for encouraging to be as a scientist, to keep studying and to keep all drama out of this road. I feel I recieved a gift when I took the TT. Is just now that I can fully appreciate it. First I was lucky to have almost a year of TT. I had time to reflect on the teachings and to mature in my practice.
Onanchi (Liberia)
February 2009
It has been 1 year since my Samahita Retreat Teacher Training. As I work and learn on this Argentinean jungle land, I have been reflecting on the extraordinary gift of learning this last year has been. So I write to you to pass along the sentiments of deep gratitude for everything you all gave to me. Thank you for …… the guidance, the energy, the love and for all the work you do to share with others. The teaching I received there continues to guide me here in my practice, teaching, and living. I don’t know if I would be able to do what we are doing without having been your student.
Kim G (Argentina)
February 2009
It is hard to put into simple words, but thank you again for an inspirational TT training in February. I can’t wait to come back to Yoga Thailand for more
Tanya M (Denmark)
February 2009
I wanted to thank you once more for the TT training and for this wonderful gift of Pranayama. It has certainly changed my way of practicing – and my way of living every day.
Merja (Finland)
February 2009
This is Brittany from the yoga thailand teacher training in Feb. 2009! I want to let you know that your teacher training has really shifted my entire life. Your YTT was so thorough, inspiring, life changing and amazing. Thank you so much. I teach and study yoga everyday, and I am so thankful to have been able to train with you.
Brittany (USA)
February 2009
It was a pleasure to participate at the teacher training and I am very grateful for all the experiences I made there and will make through it in upcoming times. I realise now even more the overall, intelligent approach of the yogic system. There is so much beauty in it. And still.. I know nothing..
You, Paul and Neil and Sarah and Lorraine are very great teachers. Giving space for sincere growth by demanding and gentle means at the same time. And for sure with a good sense of humour that emphasises the underlying ease of yoga. Thank you.
Iris F (Germany)
February 2009
Its been 3 weeks since our group’s TT graduated, I am missing YT already. I must say that I have had a most rewarding and wonderful experience during my stay in YT. I feel privileged that Samahita Retreat has been my training school and that you have been my teacher. Thank you for the knowledge you have shared to me, the experience you have given me. Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for being my teacher.
Gela (Philippines)
February 2009
Hi Paul,
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the TT – it was a real personal journey for me on many levels. I’ve done many courses but this one truly came from the heart, it was a great experience and lovely to be looked after so well by everyone at Samahita Retreat.
Anna (Hong Kong)
September 2008
Here a message to say thank you for so much inspiration, good vibes and such an interesting time at Samahita Retreat.

The Teacher Training was really everything I hoped for and I feel I’ve learned a lot in these 5 weeks. The schedule was quite hard sometimes but the beautiful and inspiring people and surroundings just make you strong again and I felt like a better person afterwards.

I’m still very dedicated to my pranayama practice, thank you for that and I’ve learnt so much in my asana practice, philosophy, anatomy.etc..I would like to do all the advanced courses right away! hahaha But I know everything will come in time. So let’s just say : ’till later for now!


Biki (Holland)
September 2008
I am continually grateful for the opportunity that I had to study with you in Thailand. You are a truly an inspiring teacher with a Presence that demands dedication and Being. Every day I am thankful for you!

Now that I am back in New York and fishing around for a similarly inspiring teacher with such a holistic approach, I find myself selfishly wishing that you were still here in the States.

Rachel (USA)
April 2008
My dear beloved teacher, I am doing very fine, and you got me so inspired that earlier obstacles/seductions are now of no importance, just not interesting. This is a life-changing experience for me. I am so so thankful for the guidance that I experience every day. I am so thankful to you for giving me the tools and inspiration.
Anke (Netherlands)
April 2008
I just wanted to say a belated but sincere “Thank you” for an incredible 5 weeks with you. It was without a doubt one of the most special experiences I have had and I am very much looking forward to retuning in the not too distant future. It has been a bit weird adjusting to home life but I continue to keep up my daily practice of Pranayama and Asana in an attempt to keep myself relatively distant to the things that used to affect or bother me. 1 week in and I am succeeding. Life’s good.

Also, your staff and all that are Samahita Retreat are truly unique, wonderful people. I feel blessed to have met them. Please feel free or in fact do pass my email address onto anyone who is enquiring about the course. I would be more than happy to reply.

Warm regards.

Helen (Australia)
September 2008
I have been meaning to write for some time to express my sincere thanks for all the gifts I received from my stay in Samahita Retreat. It has changed my life in ways I never imagined physically and emotionally. My two favorite gifts were 1. a new way of being and 2. My Mula Bunda! Now that you have upgraded the accommodations I don’t think you should change a thing about your program!

Pranyama and Asana are going great!!! I cut back on meat too which has made a HUGE difference in my practice. I thank the Universe every day for your inspiration and knowledge. I consider you both my own personal Gurus! Look forward to meeting you again some day!


Sherri (USA)
September 2008
Once again, thank you so much for giving me that gift of five weeks. The amazing great teaching; good healthy food (I can’t find food as good as Samahita Retreat in Hong Kong); happy, friendly people; beautiful beach; comfortable environment; fresh air. I was glad to be there. It really changed my life and let me find my true self.

Thank you very very much. I am looking forward to coming back to take the advance training, and to seeing both of you and your cute babies.

Marjorie (China)
April 2008
I didn’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye and thanks after the course ended but I’ve wanted to write for a while now and express my deepest thanks for all that you gave and all I got out of the course. I also kinda wanted to let it all settle a bit before I wrote – there was a lot to take in and assimilate and I feel like that process has at least started for me now.

I’m not quite sure when or how i fell asleep in my practices but somewhere along the way, I think that happened to me. And when you’re not aware of something its very difficult to do anything about it and I’m pretty sure I would have continued along that path for the foreseeable future had I not made it to Samahita Retreat. So for waking me up from whatever coma I was in – thank you with all my heart.

That said, being awake doesn’t necessarily make the work any easier! I still find it tough trying to keep up the energy and motivation for early morning starts when I know the day ahead will be long and intense but I think I’ve noticed a calmness in my daily attitude that I can only attribute to the pranayama and the calm start to the day. Its like I can see and feel all the mania and stress going on around me but I’m just not getting as involved as I would have in the past.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that for all the myriad of greater and lesser changes that I feel have occurred in my practices/life as a result of my time in Samahita Retreat, I will be forever grateful. I feel really luck to have had the chance to learn from you and I hope that our paths will cross again in the near future.

Take care.

Gillian (Ireland)
September 2008
When I left the course at Samahita Retreat, I felt totally ready to get on and teach, like I had all the right information, all the tools, and was ready to use them. I know this is not the case for many people after they complete teacher training in other schools. Many of them have told me so, and years later are still waiting to get enough understanding or experience to get started. So thank you for the depth and breadth of the course, and the confidence it gave me to go out there and get on with it! I know others on the course have felt the same.
Claudia (UK)
November 2007
You have played a special part in my yoga journey. I deeply appreciate, admire, and respect you for your teaching and sharing of your wisdom with so much passion and light-heartedness. Through your great devotion you helped me take the journey into my own heart; to see the divine nature within us all; to understand happiness; and to know the true value of humility and gratitude.
Natalie (Australia)
November 2007
I didn’t really thank you or say good-bye personally before I left, so I send you this short email. I want you to know that my back is much better and, as you said, it was a good learning experience. I probably grasped more from the course because of it!

I am stronger and more confident (on many levels) after the month in Thailand. I especially want to thank you for encouraging me to stay balanced, and to take the yoga a little further

Natasha (China)
December 2006
Thank you so much for the wonderful group pic. It brings back fond and vivid memories of the most positively transforming five weeks of my life! Back to the present life situation but with new inspiration and focus. You will be pleased to hear, Paul, that I’ve been getting myself out of bed consistently around five on weekdays to do my breath work and asana practice, and am grateful every time for your amazing guidance.
Kitty (Switzerland)
August 2006
Thank you for the amazing experience I had at Samahita Retreat. Looking back, I am able to fully appreciate the intensity of my seven weeks at Samahita Retreat. I feel very special to have had that time there. I didn’t realize the effect my experience would have on me when I came home.

The hardest thing is being pure and clean in a world that is vastly different. To be honest, it feels like a real struggle. I suppose it takes a while to figure all this out.

I hope to return soon.

Sarah (Australia)
Thank you so much for giving me this chance to learn. It was a great experience for me. . . . People coming from different countries, of all different ages.

Training was not easy for me, but I learned lots of things-not only yoga for teaching or practice. You saw everything. You knew everything.

I’m very grateful for everything you told me. I’d like to go back to Samahita Retreat again someday.

I keep smiling.

Saori (Hong Kong)
I wanted to write and express my sincere thanks for all that you taught me over the last few weeks. I enjoyed every moment of it (even the exams). The dedication and passion the two of you have for yoga is beautiful. You are both an inspiration.

I look forward to sharing all I have learned from you and the YT team. Still a lot to absorb, but the magic of all this is that we never stop learning, always so much more to delve deeper into.

Much Love,

Em (Japan)
November 2007
Thanks for a wonderful time at Samahita Retreat. It’s so hard to explain, but I felt so much more balanced. It was a feeling of deep true happiness in myself. I hope everybody in the world gets that feeling once in their lifetime.
Sofia (Sweden)
December 2006
I hope that you are both well and that things at Samahita Retreat are rolling along smoothly. Thank you so much for the incredible experience there. It was truly life-changing and amazing. I am very grateful for it.
Julie (Canada)
December 2006
Thank you for such a truly inspiring and uplifting training. I now feel so much love for the yoga practice, and your inspiring teaching has really allowed my heart to feel that yoga is a best friend to me.

I’m continuing to enjoy studying Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and I feel happy every time I go to my yoga mat. I feel so grateful for all I learned there, on all levels of my being, and I am conscious of putting as much as possible into practice in my life.

The quality of the whole course was exceptional, including the knowledge that was passed on from you and the other wonderful teachers, and the energetic transference of what some of yogic life is about.

I look forward to coming back, hopefully in March. I will also do my best to see you at one of your UK workshops.

I trust all is going well for you and that many blessings are continuing to be given to you, your family, and in the wonderful service you are doing for the world.

Shanti (UK)
August 2006
I just wanted to email you to thank you for all your kindness while I was there doing the teacher training. I would have liked to have gotten in touch with you sooner, but it is full-on season here and really busy this year. It has also been a little difficult to get back in the groove here. I feel like I am questioning more things since I have come back. I suppose it is natural after being in the environment (beautiful one!) of Koh Samui and Samahita Retreat.
Janet (Canada)
November 2005
I want to thank you both for the amazing inspiration you have both been and for your dedication to the practice.
Gabe (Canada)