Ambassador Program

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Ambassador Program

Yoga Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat

By teaming up with our TT (Teacher Training) network, our aim is to connect more people with practice here and to share our peaceful environment with others. As an ambassador you can earn credit towards further study on Centered Yoga and Samahita programs. This way we can support you as our graduates in being able to return more often, more economically, and to reward you for sending your students, friends and family to Samahita Retreat.

How it Works

Refer guests to join our Retreats or Trainings and receive commission. This can count towards your next booking at Samahita Retreat or you may receive the payment as a bank transfer.


The Samahita Retreat Ambassador Program is applicable for Retreats & Trainings subject to availability. (Peak Season Retreats and Trainings not included).

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Interested in becoming an Ambassador?


A lot goes on in this little place. Take a tour and see for yourself.


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