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Samahita 15 Years: Staff Share Their Messages

By Samahita Team

“10 years a student and almost 5 of those years as part of the team. Many things have changed: the location, the programs on offer, the team, yet many things have always been there – a beautiful space for people to grow and learn and to become their healthiest selves, amazing food, the quality of the teaching, and intentions of the teachers to support and welcome guests from around the world. Now with even more beauty, more lightness yet more integrity than ever before. It was always an easy decision for me to come, to be here and to work here – Samahita benefits my life and the lives of others.”
~ Anthea, Marketing & Sales Director

“Samahita is a home for my soul. Coming here, whether before as a student or now as a teacher, I always feel like my soul is resting but that I’m also growing and developing. It’s a life changing experience for myself and especially my soul.”
~ Ara, Assistant General Manager & Yoga Teacher

“My seed of spirituality sprouted before entering Samahita. When I came for the first time, that’s when I blossomed from within spiritually. Since then I’ve been back regularly every year to nourish this growing tree within me. The environment, my teachers and the energy of this place is the food for this tree. It’s blossoming and slowly bearing fruit. Now I’m enjoying sharing that with others. Samahita is a place where my spirit becomes amplified with vibrant energy that allows me to connect with a higher vibration and subtle energy. This provides me with tools to help myself on the path and also, most importantly, to help others.”
~ Nabs, Yoga Teacher & Retreat Coordinator

“When I first came to Samahita Retreat as a student over 8 years ago, and returning back almost every year for more details and trainings, I was able to develop a strong foundation and nurture a self practice that I could carry with me in all my travels and explorations. When I started to tune in and pay more attention to the often overlooked quality of the breath, during focused practices, various movements on the mat, in functional training, cardio and throughout daily happenings and conversations, in general, that’s when I started to notice the biggest changes in my overall wellbeing. Samahita itself is a beautiful, honest space nestled by open sea, full of learning, delicious food, dynamic and restorative moments, and healing therapies and treatments. It has everything you need to reflect, relax, recharge, develop, and grow, in ways that are always evolving, rooted in tradition and well researched science, and yet sometimes completely surprising. It’s a place that you not only start to carry with you, but a place that you want to come back to again and again.”
~ Sarah, Yoga Teacher & Creativity Coordinator.

“I am so grateful to be part of this family. I first came here really needing to reconnect with myself, but what I found was so much more than what I expected. I met so many amazing, beautiful souls, I learnt what yoga really is, and I discovered a part of myself that I was not even aware of – thanks to this big, wonderful family. Samahita is a perfect place to grow and connect with your heart. By connecting with my heart I feel I have become a better person, more aware of who I am, and therefore able to give my best to others. This is what I’m most grateful for.”
~ Alaitz, Guest Relations

“My relationship with Samahita has been a rich, vast tapestry of friendship, heart connections, laughter, tears, practice, growth and transformation. I am constantly blown away by the magic of the place, the way that it meets people where they are at…maybe not always comfortable, but it’s real and raw and has a way of holding us where we are, supporting us and giving us a kick when we need to take a leap in faith. It has been a privilege to be a part of who we are, first as a student and now as part of our team…looking forward to seeing what the future holds, anything is possible”
~ Gill, Lead Senior Teacher and Programs Manager

Like many of first time guests, I found myself in Samahita when I needed to be here the most. As soon as you walk in, you feel protected and encouraged to open by the place and people. And every breath you take while you are here helps you to look within, starting the process of inner transformation even before your conscious mind is aware of it. I had been practicing yoga for a quite few years before I first came here almost 5 years ago but Samahita taught me to live and breath Yoga as a way of life and to grow with it – and the lesson continues.
~ Takane, Marketing & Sales Consultant

It was over 8 years ago, during the early days of my practice that I came across Samahita for the first time. I was looking for a retreat to deepen and further explore the path of yoga. I booked a 3-week retreat with Paul over Christmas and New Years and from the first moment I sat down in the shala listening to Paul I thought; this man is expressing all that I am feeling and thinking. The philosophy of life and the path of yoga Paul expressed and taught resonated with me 100%. Samahita soon became like a second home to me and I have been coming back to study here every year since. Coming back this year, not only as a student but as General Manager is an honour. Samahita with its amazing team has been holding a space for me to rejuvenate, grow and learn over all these year. It is with boundless joy and pleasure I now give back to this amazing community of friends and teachers alike holding the space here at Samahita together with an amazing team. I can only wish for everyone to experience the transformational journey that I have experienced here over the years, not to mention the amazing friendships created. I feel very blessed to be part of this amazing community.
~ Johanna, General Manager

“Samahita has been an immensely important part of my life not merely as a place to learn yoga but as a pivot in my life. Changing the way I think, behave, live and work. I was set up for a new life and destiny took its course to put me in the right place at the right time. I am eternally grateful for all the teachings and practices passed down by Paul and Tiwari. May all the many visitors continue to benefit in equal measure and the Samahita family will endeavour to deliver this.”
~ Daniel, Senior Teacher and Communications Coordinator

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