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Samahita 15 Years: Guests share their thoughts.

By Samahita Team

“When I stepped into the first edition of Samahita (then called Yoga Thailand) on the North Shore of Samui in the fall of 2003, I had no idea what an impact the place and people would have on my life. I met Paul of course, who shaped my young, ambitious practice and helped me fine tune it. The work and study shaped my novice teaching methods in those days and gave me great inspiration. Of course, it was also here on that very first training that I met O.P. Tiwari. With that auspicious stroke, I began my Pranayama practice, which serves me to this day as an anchor and gateway into the subtle realms of my practice. I travelled here twice a year for the better part of a decade and watched the many forms that this place has taken. Underneath it all remains today  the same spirit I encounter on that first journey: a sincere, deep comittment to nurturing the sense of what yoga can be. From its’ ancient roots into its modern context. I am grateful and honoured to be a part of it.”

Stephen Thomas

“When I came to Samahita for the first time in 2011 I did not expect more than a nice holiday by the beach with the one or other yoga class on the side. How mistaken I was! Samahita was where I discovered that yoga is not only asana but a way of life. No wonder that ever since my life has been changing. I have been changing. Evolving. I have done several trainings here and each time I leave with so much more knowledge and more importantly with a deeper understanding of myself and life. And though Samahita keeps changing as well, its core stays the same: to offer space for learning and growing. I am forever grateful for Samahita and all its wonderful teachers and staff. And I will come back time and again.”

Anke Heindel

“Congratulations Samahita – 15 years of excellence is a superb record.
Paul Dallaghan’s cutting edge teaching is delivered with compassion and humor, ably supported by a team of fine teachers who enable the student to overcome hurdles with skill and gentle care. No doubt Sri Tiwari will also be a great experience. Here like minded students from around the globe share experiences around the dinner table and create a bonding atmosphere so each retreat is memorable.

Importantly whether 30 yrs. or 80 yrs. of age or somewhere in between the student leaves inspired to continue along their yoga path. There is no greater compliment.”

Warmest best wishes,

Leon and Keiko

“Samahita became like a 2nd family to me. It’s a great place to learn, grow and meet very inspirational people. I hope there will be many more opportunities in the future for me to come back and learn more.”


“I’d been practicing yoga on and off for a few years when I booked a one week yoga workshop at Samahita Retreat – my first workshop ever. I found it on Google. I had no idea what to expect but had a goal. I was overworked, stressed and needed some time out. I’d never been able to practice on my own and wanted to return with a short, manageable home practice.

I returned home with more than that. A whole mechanism of cog wheels had been set in motion. I returned for teacher training at Centered Yoga Teacher Training and further education programmes, sold my business and became a teacher. Samahita has become my second home. Each year when I return, I feel a shift in personal and professional growth – a deeper connection to myself, to the Samahita community, to nature and the world around me.

Thank you to Paul and your team for the creating this beautiful, nurturing space, for sharing your wisdom, deep teachings and for your ongoing support.

Happy 15th Anniversary!

with love and gratitude,”

Karen Kurtzmeyer

“This year is my first time in Samahita and it goes beyond expectation.
Everything is well organized and taken care of.
The personal approach let you feel like being at home.
All good reasons for me to come back to this beautiful place in the future.
Thank you!”

Harriet Grachten

“Samahita has made a significant difference to the quality of my life. It prompted me to make changes in my lifestyle, health and priorities, and acted as an enabler for these changes to occur. At the same time, it has been very enjoyable and fun”

Paul O’ Malley

“It is difficult to put into words how much Samahita has impacted my life. The time I have spent here has brought so much connection, with myself as well as others. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived. I did not research much about the teacher training modules, I just knew I needed to be here. I have been so pleasantly surprised by the depth of knowledge and the breadth of the course content. The teachers and staff have been so welcoming, it has turned into a home for me. My life has been forever changed by my experience here. I have found so much purpose and direction at a time when I needed it most. The gratitude I feel is overwhelming and the love I have encountered is immeasurable. The lessons I take with me will continue to enrich my life and inform my direction. For all of this, I am deeply appreciative.”

Kate Cornwall

“Samahita is an irreplaceable place, every year I stay here for weeks and the energy I get from this place always nourishes me and supports me for a whole year. Samahita isn’t just a yoga center, it’s the place established by a group of amazing people, love, compassion and laughter is all around. All the guidance I receive and the experience transform me and help grow the ability to treat this world with friendly and kind heart.

These amazing beauty I felt in Samahita is indescribable…”

Zheng TingYing 

“I’ve been to samahita 4 times over the last 12 years and each time has been unique and amazing. The place has developed each time and so has the teaching. Getting ever more indepth, insightful and thorough. I love Paul’s approach and he seems to read the group and individuals with an uncanny accuracy. He always says just the right thing at the right moment to help you see further than you ever thought possible. The team of teachers and staff at Samahita make every trip enjoyable, rewarding, relaxing and nourishing. I always come away feeling younger, more centred and more me! Thank you, thank you.”

Michelle Ward

” This was my first visit to Samahita Retreat to attend the 300 hour Advanced T.T. Not only is the place lovely and very peaceful with a friendly homely feel, but most importantly the quality of the teaching is first rate. The first module with Arielle Nash on somatic movement and fascial integration was very informative followed by an excellent module on pranayama and the physiology of breath with Paul Dallaghan. This final two weeks with Paul and Sri O.P.Tiwari has been delightful and enabled me to continue to deepen my practice, especially of kriyas and pranayama. I am certain that Samahita will be seeing me again next year, and the year after! I couldn’t recommend this place too much both for serious students of yoga and those just wanting a healthy break.”

Andy Wilner