Guest Teacher Program

SEA Qigong & Yoga Retreat

with Sifu Matthew Cohen
November 2 – 9, 2019

About The Retreat

“Matthew’s teaching deepened and strengthened my practice on so many levels. The rare addition of Qi Gong has added a profound stillness to my life and is an inspiring, moving meditation. Most teachers I’ve known articulate their knowledge in a steady and cerebral way, Matthew takes it a graceful step further by connecting that knowledge through the emotional, physical and spiritual and allowing it to settle without force.” ~Minnie Driver, Actress

Sacred Energy Arts is a unique, integrated system of health and self-development drawing from the teachings of Yoga, Qigong and Martial Arts. Sifu Matthew Cohen developed this method after discovering that even though each of these practices stand alone as beneficial health systems, something powerful and transformative emerges when the practices are joined. This SEA fusion creates a truly complete practice.

“In balance there is movement, in flow resides stillness — the interplay, the dance, is where things get interesting, beautiful, and alive.” ~ Sifu Matthew Cohen


This Qigong + Yoga retreat at the magnificent Samahita in Thailand is going to be sacred, relaxing, and rejuvenating. My intention in our time together is to build community and friendship whilst learning some of the most potent ancient practices that I hold close to my heart. They have been handed down to me from my teachers that is now my offering to you. By the end of our week you will be able to take home some essential techniques to help you grow and continually transform your life into one of radiant health.

Here’s a glimpse of our days together.

Following morning tea, we will begin our morning SEA Yoga practice. We will focus on building strength and grace; emphasis will be placed on cultivating stillness in motion, movement in meditation and the breath. This moving balance practice encourages and invokes seamless and fluid transitions from one move to the next.

Through the SEA practice you will learn and explore the animating force behind all things. Every culture has a name for it: Qi, Ki, Prana, Elan Vital, etc. This precious energy is the very thing that keeps us alive. You will learn what it is and how to develop, regulate and utilize your life energy. Cultivating energy and awareness is at the heart of all SEA teachings.

After the morning practice, we will enjoy the full breakfast buffet including homemade bread with nut butter & jams, fresh fruits from Thailand, fresh and organic salads, freshly made juices, freshly made egg options of your choice—and a delicious variety of lunch items, Thai and international with vegan, vegetarian, and fish options. We clearly LOVE food.

During the afternoon there will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy the wondrous aspects of Thailand with excursions to temples, boating & snorkelling, fisherman’s village, or simply relax by the pool or on the beach. You can even hit the wellness spa for a massage or herbal facial treatment.

Our afternoon practice will dive into the energetic healing of Qigong. Themes will include categories of Qigong Philosophy, Self Care, Developing a Personal Practice, Harmonizing Emotions, Detoxification, Functional Strength, Increased Range of Motion and more.

The Qigong practice is taught with the purpose to learn how to transition smoothly from the sacred to secular everyday activities so that over time, there’s no difference between a meditative practice and the daily life.

At night we will enjoy the world class dinner buffet by the incredible Thai cooking team and head chef at Samahita. All food is fresh and homemade with care and love.

Finally there will be an offering of a nightly mediation practice to close out the evening. I will teach a variety of meditations that I’ve learned to be effective over the years through different disciplines.

Now fall asleep listing to the ocean waves. It may be winter time, but in Thailand it’s beautiful and sunny paradise. Picture yourself there, and I hope you’ll join me.


Private Room – 1,800 USD
Private Room Couple – 1,400 USD per person
Semi-Private Room – 1,500 USD
Semi-Private Room Couple – 1,100 USD per person
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft – 1,300 USD per person

Private Room – 1,900 USD
Private Room Couple – 1,500 USD per person
Semi-Private Room – 1,600 USD
Semi-Private Room Couple – 1,200 USD per person
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft – 1,400 USD per person

Sifu Matthew Cohen

Sifu Matthew Cohen is the founder and creator of Sacred Energy Arts: a unique, integrated system of health and self development drawing from the teachings of yoga, qigong, and martial arts. Matthew developed this method after discovering that even though yoga, qigong, and the internal martial arts each stand alone as great health systems that something powerful and transformative emerges as the practices join. Together they compliment each other to create a complete practice.

Matthew has been fully immersed in the study and application of Martial, Yogic and Healing Arts for over 30 years.

At a young age Matthew instinctively gravitated towards yoga, discovering the hidden secrets within the breath, balance, and strength of the poses. Matthew’s practice continued to grow, obtaining certifications in Ashtanga under Tim Miller and Hatha Yoga under Max Strom, Sarah Powers, and Saul David Raye. Matthew has the highest Yoga Alliance certification as an E-RYT® 500 certified teacher.

At 12-years-old, Matthew began martial arts training at Kam Yuen’s School of Tai Mantis Kung Fu, eventually earning the rank of 5th degree black belt. He went on to attain the title of Guru in Kun Tao Silat under the masterful Willem de Thouars. Inspired by these teachers and their ability to draw great inner strength from these practices, Matthew went on to study the three great internal martial arts of China: Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Ba Gua. Matthew had the good fortune to train many hours privately in China with the renown grandmaster Duan Zhi Laing. There he received the masters blessing to share his style of Primordial Chaos Qigong. He then studied under Liu Xuyang in Neija, Ba Gua, and Xing Yi. Matthew earned a position as a 6th generation teacher in the lineage and only person recognized to teach his style in the United States. Today Matthew is a highly sought after master teacher of Tai Chi as well as Qigong: The art of energy cultivation.

Matthew is great believer in the life long journey of the continual growth in the Sacred Energy Arts. He currently is learning and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Master Jean Jacques Machado.

Matthew is based in Malibu, California and travels internationally teaching workshops, intensives, and teacher trainings.


Daily Schedule

6:00am – 7:00am Morning Tea
7.30am – 9.00am Morning Practice: SEA Flow Classes
10:00am – 1:00pm Brunch
Afternoon Free Time & Excursions
4.00pm – 6.00pm Afternoon Practice: Qigong
6.00pm – 8.00pm Dinner Buffet
8.30pm – 9.00pm Meditation


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