Our Founders

Paul Dallaghan

Paul has been immersed in the practice and study of yoga, the breath, and meditative techniques for over 30 years, has gained a reputation as a yogi, scientist and teacher, while being a happy father to two sons. He has witnessed his own growth through many techniques and years of practice, watching how practices evolve over time as a student develops over time. His dedication to the path of yoga has come from a combination of intense practices, meditative experiences, silent retreats and numerous pilgrimages in India, Tibet and Thailand. He has had the good fortune to spend many rich years with his main teacher in pranayama and the meditative process, Sri O.P. Tiwari, and is now placed to carry forth these teachings and the tradition of Kuvalayananda. He was one of the dedicated few to spend many years living in Mysore with Pattabhi Jois in the old days of ashtanga vinyasa, certified by him, with an expertise in asana. Living in Thailand for many years Paul has also been involved in Buddhist culture and practices, many retreats in forest monasteries which are curiously appropriate for all these yogic practices.

He is highly interested in the inner journey of yoga and continues to study, not just the practices and their traditional textual statements, but also what modern science offers this. To that end he was accepted into one of the top PhD programs in the U.S., at Emory University, Atlanta, to conduct scientific research on yoga and its effects. He is still a student and loves to share and learn. In this sense his interest lies in achieving balance, which Paul terms as “centered”, and where his focus in academic scientific research hopes to contribute to what is the beautiful ongoing legacy of yoga and its practices: the internal life, the inner space, pure joy, sukha, centered. He has led workshops and trainings all over the world, and founded the retreat center, Samahita, in Thailand, that teaches students from all backgrounds and all levels of physical and mental readiness in Centered Yoga as an open-minded method to encourage inner awareness. He believes in the mission of spreading health and wellbeing through engaged participation in practices. He also emphasizes the fields of yoga and meditation are one, not separate techniques, commonly united on the internal path of both an open heart and sincere self-examination. Spiritual growth and practice involves a spectrum of approaches that includes physical fitness for the body, asana for neuro-physiological cultivation and refinement, pranayama as a key to the internal, and meditative techniques of many forms to enhance the inner experience further. Music, lightness, fun, dance, sharing and caring, and a sustainable approach to this world, are all integral to this process. Such focus and openness are part of Centered Yoga.

Jutima Chombhubutr

Jutima was born and raised in Bangkok with a strong Buddhist heritage. At the age of ten she moved to Atlanta, Georgia with her family. She received degrees in Bachelor in Business Administration and International Marketing from the University of Georgia. She began her career in The Coca-Cola Company in both Atlanta and New York City. She discovered yoga while living in NYC which led her to take a new path. At the peak of her career which she loved, she decided to take a year off on a spiritual journey. Her desire to travel back to her birth country lead her on travels around the world studying yoga and meditation. Jutima never went back to her previous corporate life as planned and the evolution of Samahita Retreat was born.

Her current role as Co-founder & VP includes marketing and brand development and working closely with Samahita’s International and Thailand based teams. She supports on charity projects throughout Thailand and around the world with the support of Samahita. Although Paul and Jutima live separately, they continue to work closely together on their fist baby and co-parent their two boys as a modern family. Her biggest role now is a soccer mom to Sean and Dylan while living in Atlanta with and her entire family.

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