Online Health Coach

We want you to get the very best results from your commitment to instigate health changes in your life by booking a stay at Samahita. This is why we offer an upgraded package on any program to empower you to reach your goals with a personal health coach for support and accountability when you get home.

You’ve completed your program at Samahita – next step: continue and reinforce your health approach at home

Continue your personal health journey at home with one of our senior health coaches to guide and motivate you in your new life. Under your coach’s guidance you will have effective support to integrate key changes into your daily life.

Online Health Coach includes Support across Three Timeframes:

  • 1

    Before You Come

  • 2

    When You Are Here

  • 3

    And Back at Home



  • Pre-arrival health history session with your personal coach to determine coaching needs and goals


  • Consultation and daily check-ins with onsite health coach
  • Daily support and guidance through your program
  • All classes as part of the YogaCoreCycle program

At Home:

  • Tailored three month post-program support to integrate your new healthy habits and practices back at home
  • Phone / video coaching with your dedicated health coach
  • Email support to guide you through your coaching program
  • Resources to support your journey

All Coaching Programs are Goal-Focused and Tailored to Individual Needs

Diet & Nutrition Body & Mind Support
Post program support Meditation, breath & yoga One-to-one coaching sessions
Eating right for your body type Fitness goals Email support
Adding new healthy habits Self-care habits Notes and resources

Why Upgrade? Adapt and Improve Your Self-Health Approach to Daily Life

Time on retreat is essential to have the time and space to work on specific health goals and bring them in to your life, a step almost impossible to just add in at home. You then want to turn all those good intentions and practices into sustained change back home to fit your daily routine. You can fully benefit from a health coach to support you to establish your upgraded routine at home.

Your health coach provides support and knowledge, keeps your best interests upfront, so you start and sustain change, usually much more challenging alone. Your health coach will work with you in a focused but supportive manner to enable you to achieve your own personal health goals, using practical coaching methods. Coaching sessions can be done by phone or video call at times that work with your schedule.

Over the Three Months Post-Retreat You will Learn to:

  • Establish and follow through on Activity, Dietary and Mental Health goals
  • Maintain your Key Practices learned while at Samahita
  • Schedule Health, Fitness and Mindfulness goals in to your day
  • Set and accomplish realistic Personal Goals
  • Plan to eat for your own Unique Body Type, climate and season
  • Continue to raise and manage your increased Energy Levels
  • Add manageable new Lifestyle Practices and Healthy Habits per your schedule
  • Use resources from the latest research in Health & Nutrition

Rates and Inclusions

Online Health Coach:

  • $950 for three months of full Support and Guidance
  • Initial Health History Review and Goal Setting session, prior to program at Samahita Retreat
  • 6 x 1-hour one-to-one Coaching sessions (2 per month)
  • 1 x 1-hour bonus session: Ayurvedic consultation / Embodied Mindfulness mini workshop session
  • Weekly email check in and support throughout the program
  • Resources and tools to support your journey including latest research, reading recommendations
  • Additional months at $300 per month

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Meet Our Coaches

Our senior health coaches have lived and worked at Samahita Retreat, have full understanding of our wellness programs and practices taught at the center. They have both been coaching, teaching yoga and guiding people to better health for a number of years.

Anthea Grimason

Anthea bio

Anthea is a holistic health & Ayurvedic lifestyle coach, yoga and breath work teacher. She uses the wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga in a practical way to suit modern lifestyles, combining it with the latest research in the health and wellness space. Coaching sessions with Anthea will include how to eat and live according to your own unique body type and stage of life, as well as support with integrating lifestyle practices learnt at Samahita including breath work, yoga and diet. Anthea has been a student of Centered Yoga at Samahita Retreat since 2010 and part of the Samahita team since 2013.

Rebecca Newell


Rebecca is a holistic health coach, yoga, pilates and mindfulness meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner. Coaching sessions with Rebecca will focus on how to live a healthy, balanced life by connecting with all aspects of yourself, with a big focus on embodied mindfulness, as well as support with integrating lifestyle practices learnt at Samahita including breath work, yoga and diet. Rebecca has been a student of Centered Yoga at Samahita Retreat since 2011 and worked as the onsite Health Coach from 2017-18.