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Neck Pain? Try these Massage Techniques Now!

By Ara Hwang

Suffering from Tech Neck? Spending too long sitting at work or with your phone? Get a friend to help now with these easy to follow techniques. The spine, shoulders, neck and sub-occipital muscles will all get the attention they deserve. Techniques include pinching, thumb pressing, forearm rolling, stretching and more. Thanks to Ara Hwang.

Step 1.  

-Interlace fingers and pinch sides of neck with the heel of each hand.

-Squeeze and lift the palms closer massaging the neck muscles. At the same time place your forearms on the back of the shoulders pushing down and using edge of the palms to push up towards the occiput to lengthen neck.

Step 2.

Place the thumb along outside of neck (beside spine), circle the thumb up, when you meet the occiput gently press forward and hold (repeat the other side)

Step 3.

Place the forearm on the shoulder, roll forearm toward to shoulder from the neck(repeat the other side)

Step 4.

-Place your right forearm on the shoulder lifting your friends left arm up and placing their palm behind their head.

-Place your left palm under the shoulder blade and push forward while lifting their left arm and using your forearm to push their shoulder down.

Step 5.

-Place your friends hands behind their head, interlace your arms under their arms as shown.

-lift the upper body creating space for the spine first, slowly and gently push their head down stretching the spine forwards.

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