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My 5 Days of Detox at Samahita

Ara Hwang
By Ara Hwang

5 Days Detox Experience at Samahita Wellness.

I decided to take the Detox Program at Samahita to reset my system and give my body a rest after a busy time at work coupled with bad eating habits. Here are my day to day notes from this experience to give you some idea of what to expect if you’re considering taking this program. It is my personal experience. Not everyone’s experience is the same but please enjoy reading my insights.

Day 1 :

The Detox began with a consultation with our Health Coach. Depending on your experience and lifestyle the health coach will help you to decide between Faster’s Detox or Nature’s Detox.
I decided to go with “5 Day Nature Detox” which involved a little bit of chewing.. (-:

Once the detox had began my mind was already taking over and starting to get stressed thinking, “maybe I will be so hungry??”
But at the end of day I didn’t feel hungry at all despite the massive headache from Caffeine Drainage.

  1. Woke up and started with kriyas (yogic cleansing): neti, pre- nauli, enema
  2. Drank Psyllium + Bentonite shake
  3. Took Supplements
  4. Joined YogaCoreCycle classes, specially joined breath and meditation class to learn how to do pre – nauli.

Day 2 :

Woke up and did same morning routine, but after breakfast I started craving for coffee and sweets…

Breakfast served with water kefir, wheatgrass shot, candida green juice, coconut juice.
Afternoon I took the Total Self Care treatments and Infrared Sauna. wow I loved the Infrared Sauna!
Infrared Sauna : Far, mid and near infrared rays go deep into your cells making it the best way to detox at the cellular level.

Day 3 :

Did the same morning routine. I start loving Enema.. (-: Craving for food is gone, feeling a bit weak so I decided to take an easy day.  15 min before taking Ayurvedic Herb preparation from Wellness I had a light lunch from the buffet: Green Power soup, boiled or steam vegetables.

Day 4 :

Start craving for food again. I had a morning check in with our health coach. She advised me to drink a lot of water as the cravings might be a sign of not drinking enough water. (Make sure to hydrate your body during detox.) I was teaching cycle, Dynamic Core Vinayasa and my usual daily job in the morning. This was a wow moment, all my senses came alive and I had amazing energy all day.
I received a Chi Nei Tsang massage today. Chi Nei Tsang is working the energy of the internal organs. Had an afternoon snack served with Guto Kola shot, detox juice with spirulina and coconut juice

Day 5 :

Sudden visit, Emotional Swing.. where did emotional visit come from? I needed to sit down and meditate – still figuring out my relationship with food – realising that I look for comfort food which for me is coffee and chocolate whenever I get stressed or overwork, both physically mentally. While having a dinner check in with the health coach and sharing my experience she helped me with with these issues and, “how to transit with food..”
Dinner served with Miso soup or Green Power soup with boiled or steamed vegetable and Detox juice with Vegan Protein.


Overall I’m glad to have taken this detox as it’s helped me realise how I’m treating my body and how I respond to stress. Once or twice per year its great to do a detox, to reset the whole system. Remember to take your new eating habits, and apply any realisations experienced during the process into your life which for me were on comfort eating and stress responses.
But how do I feel now? Lighter, clearer, fresher, more energy, and more aware of how I approach food and the effect of different food on me. Love it !!!

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