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Individual Survival through Silence Within

By Nabs Hadi

My experience on a 30-day noble silence/Vipassana meditation course in Herefordshire, England
By Nabs Hadi

The Sufis, Yogis and saints from the past have all said “go within and you shall find the answers you’re looking for”

I truly believe that we have everything we need to know at the depth of our being. This becomes more and more apparent to me as I spend more time in silence and allowing myself to go deeply within, becoming aware of the creative energy that animates our being, to get closer to the “ocean of all knowledge” that exists in the depth of our inner most self. We are made of many layers and it is not an easy process to pass through each layer of our structure as it takes time, dedication and bravery. It is a journey that the “truth” answers to our enquiries and reveals itself in a unique way that is comprehensible to us.

My recent experience after completing another 30-day noble silence meditation was truly profound, so much happened during that period, most of which is not possible to share. First, because it would not make any sense even if I try to explain it, and second, it is my own journey which is sacred and personal. However, I am inspired to share with you a tiny fraction of what went on during that 30 day period in a hope that it will inspire you to take some time to sit and meditate in order to still the mind and go within, to connect with the light which exists within us all.

The incredible power of silence meditation can only be recognized when one practices it. After many years of regular practice and completing many courses I have become aware of an energy which I refer to as “The Creative Energy of The Great Spirit”. This creative energy is a force to be reckoned with. It is strong enough to break your bones and give you a real kick from within like a formidable tornado and gentle enough to stretch your flesh and give your skin a glow like the ray of sunshine. 

It takes one on an elegant and primitive dance as it goes through the entire body to clear out all the impurities, mentally and physically. This experience can potentially provide one with inner wisdom. One of the profound lessons of my recent experience was becoming aware that


Everything small or large, human, animals and plants have their place in our world and all of them are contributing to our spiritual growth in their own unique ways. From a small fly that came in to my room for a couple of days to a little spider in the woodland and two beautiful butterflies dancing in front of me during a walk, have all revealed their purpose and helped me with my transformation. Then the larger animals, such as a squirrel, playing games with me with a mouth full of nuts, a mother cat with her three kittens walking in front of me during an early morning walk gave me a past life experience. And hearing a buzzard singing from the distance when this power was cleansing my ear drums were truly magical.

But the most astonishing was seeing a beautiful British Badger during a walk on an afternoon day light not once, or twice, but three time in one day. On the first encounter we became aware of each other when he was a step away from me and created a scary sound that made my HEART skip a beat precisely at the time when this power was cleansing my heart center. However, on the next two occasions he was fine by my presence. He disappeared into the woodland leaving me the feeling that he has served his purpose now and he had to go.

The more we go within ourselves the more we realize the truth about the universal law and one has the possibility to obtain all the answers that one seeks so desperately.

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