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Get Empowered – Continue your Health Journey at Home

Anthea Grimason
By Anthea Grimason
Samahita Retreat Online Health Coach

At Samahita we see guests go through transformations quite regularly, whether first timer visitors or those who’ve been coming for years, back for their annual tune up. The initial visit, especially, can often be the start of some very meaningful shifts in how they choose to live, small lifestyle changes that over time make a big impact. Inspired by the lifestyles that we live and share through our programs, one of the main reasons we get so many good reviews and repeat guests, is that they take on what they learn and bring it home. The experience stays and means something.

This also is what inspires to continue to offer such high quality programs, teaching, food and practices in such stunning nature. The feedback we get and the transformations that we see. The message is clear – that what we offer is so needed today. To understand the impact on people’s lives of inspires us to continue to support that. But if not for the guests themselves coming with the desire and willingness to work on themselves, to prioritize their health, to take care of themselves so they can go home and take care of their lives as the best version of themselves, we would certainly not exist.

If there is one wish we hear from our guests, however, it’s to find a way to integrate what they’ve learned more easily back into their daily lives. It’s always a little harder once they step away from paradise and go back, often to city life, job, kids, or other major responsibilities. Yes, they feel amazing but life can take over and they sometimes struggle with the transition.

This is where the inspiration for our empowering Online Health Coaching came from. It’s specifically designed to support our guests transitioning in the first three months when they go home. It’s like a continuation of their stay but back in real life, back in their daily routines but with support to integrate what they’ve learnt and to keep that spark going. Our health coaches guide guests over these three months to make those small changes one by one, until they become part of their regular routine. Whether it’s adding a daily breath work or meditation practice, support with their yoga practice, making dietary changes, coming off a detox safely or adding a fitness routine into their schedule, our coaches works with each guest individually, based on their own goals and desires.

Our wish with this upgraded program is that we can support our guests even more with the hard work they put into themselves by taking a piece of the Samahita magic home and truly integrating it. As that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. Living a healthier happy life, not just on retreat but every day.

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