By Anthea Grimason
April 22 is Earth Day, with this year marking its 50th anniversary. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable. Join Earth Day Live for 24 hours of hope and optimism with live streamed discussions and actions you can take from wherever you are on www.earthday.org. And enjoy Anthea’s poem in honour of this important day….
By Sarah Pierroz
Samahita has always been committed to sustainability and actively supporting the local environment. Here are a few ways we put this into practice with our staff and guests taking part. Watch Now
By Samahita Team
Samahita Retreat embodies the quality of a home more so than a commercial resort, emphasizing not just a personal healthy approach but one that cares for the planet with their sustainable practices and commitments:
By Daniel Stringer
Explore the natural beauty at the heart of Samahita. Our glorious spaces where we practice, gather, dine and sleep. The immediate natural environment on the beach and venturing further afield to temples, waterfalls and remote islands.
By Daniel Stringer
The entire earth and the depths of the oceans are full of plastic. It enters the food chain. Shrimp found in the deepest ocean trenches have been found to contain microplastics. This is both a local and global problem. Small decisions we make such as refusing a plastic bag or bottle has the potential to reduce waste by millions of items
By Alexandra Steyn
If you're staying at Samahita take this weekly complementary boat trip to Koh Taan. Enjoy snorkelling and take a break at this lovely tropical island. Appreciate the full depth and beauty of the Gulf of Thailand.
By Daniel Stringer
Have you really seen and appreciated the tropical environment of Koh Samui? Ara and Daniel took a trip to a Hin Laad waterfall on Koh Samui to enjoy nature and practice this awesome mobility and strength flow sequence.
By Dr. Paul Dallaghan
Light therapy is as old as the sun. Unfortunately today we limit our time in the sun so we are not overexposed to ultraviolet rays and their damaging effects. As a therapy away from the sun modern technology has learned to harness visible red light and invisible near-infrared light to penetrate the skin’s surface and enact healing to both organs and skin, including the brain.
By Samahita Team
Watch all that Samahita has to offer. This incredible video by the very talented Gray Bashew imbues the full meaning and feeling of the Samahita experience. We invite you to take another look to remind yourselves, and share with others, just what it is that keeps us all coming back.
By Gill Breetzke
Akasha moon fire nights on the beach A unique time to share, sing and enjoy nature under the cool of night with the touch of sand on the feet and the sea in the background
By Sarah Pierroz
Whether opening up the cycle room in the quiet light of the early morning sunrise, teaching breath and movement in our open-air beach shala, with the sound of the waves in the background, or taking a moment in between teaching a core or cycle class to watch large, jungle green leaves move around in a cool breeze, the same two words surface - nature and space.
By Samahita Team
Our food at Samahita is 100% home cooked. Chef and her team prepare everything with care. We source local and organic when possible. The food is natural and unprocessed for your health.
By Emily Alp
What can the street animal population in Thailand teach us about compassion and action? A lot. Each female soi (Thai for “street”) dog can reproduce up to 20 pups every year. The economic situation in Thailand made it impossible for locals to a) prevent a population explosion and b) give basic care to these animals, no matter how much they wished to.